About Us


Collaborative Learning, Mentoring And Innovative Digital Projects

Cedar Pro is a specialized training and consulting company, dedicated to equipping individuals from diverse backgrounds, including BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic), diaspora, and Africans, with hands-on training in emerging technologies and software development, project delivery, product management, digital marketing and business start-up expertise. Our inclusive approach fosters industry success through diversity and representation. With our comprehensive programs, you'll become a complete professional ready to excel in the dynamic job market and business world.


Based in London, UK, we are uniquely positioned to provide digital training, mentoring and consulting services with live projects, recruitment support and professional networking opportunities. Our trainers are project or product owners/managers, lead business analysts and senior automation and manual testers, who bring with them their current knowledge and experience in the field.

We understand the unique challenges faced by individuals from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds, diaspora, and Africans in the professional realm. We are, therefore, fully committed to providing inclusive opportunities, ensuring the realization of their talents. We firmly believe that diversity and representation are key to industry success and innovation, including project delivery. By empowering individuals from these communities, we aim to bridge the gap, creating an equitable environment for aspiring project delivery professionals.

Who We Are

Cedar Pro specializes in the training and development of career professionals and organisations by providing world-class insights and real work project experience. Over the years we have trained, consulted and mentored a solid base of individuals and companies working in retail, counselling, health advice, medicine, sportswear, finance, and much more

Our Vision

Our vision is to effectively serve individuals and corporations around the world; to equip them with the knowledge and experience they need to open up new opportunities, increase and confidently take their career and/or business to the next and higher level.

The Cedar Pro Formula

Our quadruple threat formula for producing the most desirable candidates for employment includes:

• Knowledge - Comprehensive learning to build expertise in the chosen field.
• Skills - Practical training to develop essential job-related abilities. 
• Certifications - Recognized credentials to validate proficiency.
• Work Experience - Hands-on projects to gain practical work exposure and enhance employability.

Why Cedar Pro

• Success Stories

• Highly Experienced Mentors

• One-on-one Approach

• Dedicated Recruitment Team

The Career Mentor Scheme is a unique opportunity for delegates to be matched with an experienced professional to gain one-to-one careers advice, support and guidance into their desired profession and role for up to 1-month.

With Cedar Pro you’ll be working with others on live projects to acquire the skills and experiences you’ll be able to draw on throughout your career.We have helped hundreds of people attain rewarding careers in the digital and IT project
delivery world. You can start yours today!!!

Cedar Pro’s efforts have been recognized and rewarded, validating our commitment to excellence. We are honored to have received prestigious awards for our exceptional training programs and dedication to delivering impactful learning experiences.

🏆 Digital Transformation Company of the Year 2022 

🏆 Leadership Training Company 2021

🏆 IT Training Company of the Year 2020

🏆 Award-winning Mentors 2019